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Many hosting companies offer an easy installation process for WordPress, most often referred to as a 1-click install. If you are working with a hosting company that offers this feature it will save you a lot of time and technical steps installing WordPress manually. At the end of the video you should know how to install WordPress using the 1-click Install process.

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  • 0:00

    In the last video, we explored the differences between the dot com

  • 0:04

    and dot org versions of WordPress.

  • 0:07

    For our project we'll be using the dot org version of WordPress

  • 0:11

    because it's more customizable.

  • 0:14

    In this video, we'll be learning about the 1-click install feature

  • 0:18

    that a lot of hosting companies provide for installing the dot org version of WordPress.

  • 0:23

    The instructions that follow apply if your site is hosted with Bluehost. [www.bluehost.com]

  • 0:29

    If your hosting plan has a different 1-click install process than the one we cover here,

  • 0:34

    you can likely find instructions for it on WordPress's installation page.

  • 0:40

    You can find this information at codex.wordpress.org/Installing _WordPress.

  • 0:48

    Don't forget the capital I, W, and P in the URL.

  • 0:53

    Once you are on the page, look under Automated Installation in the table of contents.

  • 1:01

    If you're not sure which 1-click install you have, contact your hosting company and ask them.

  • 1:08

    If you do not see instructions for your specific 1-click install,

  • 1:12

    your hosting company should be able to walk you through the process.

  • 1:16

    To get started with the 1-click install process, we'll first log in to our hosting account.

  • 1:22

    We can do that by going to bluehost.com and clicking on Control Panel Login

  • 1:29

    at the top right of the screen.

  • 1:33

    Next, we'll enter in our login username and password and click Login.

  • 1:43

    Once you're logged in, scroll down until you find WordPress

  • 1:47

    listed underneath Site Builders and click on the link.

  • 1:54

    On the next page scroll down and click Install.

  • 1:59

    On the next page we're going to enter in some basic information

  • 2:04

    about our installation of WordPress.

  • 2:07

    First, we want to make sure

  • 2:09

    that we're working with the most recent stable version of WordPress.

  • 2:14

    At the time of this recording, that version is 3.4.2.

  • 2:19

    Next, we can choose where we'd like WordPress installed.

  • 2:24

    We're going to leave this as is so that our WordPress install

  • 2:28

    will be located at drwattz.com.

  • 2:32

    Next, go down to Step 2: Advanced Options and click on Click here to display.

  • 2:40

    First, we're going to give our site the name Dr. Wattz's Invention Blog.

  • 2:49

    Next, we're going to come down and we're going to create a username.

  • 2:55

    We're going to use the username drwattz

  • 3:00

    and then we'll paste in a secure password.

  • 3:08

    Make sure that the checkbox Automatically create a new database is checked.

  • 3:13

    Next, in Step 3 we can uncheck the default plugins and themes

  • 3:19

    that this specific install script is going to install for us.

  • 3:29

    Finally, we'll come down to Step 4 and click to accept the terms and conditions.

  • 3:35

    Once you're done, click Complete.

  • 3:39

    Next, we'll see the status of the installation process,

  • 3:48

    and once it's complete, we'll see the URL to our site, the URL to log in,

  • 3:54

    our username and our password.

  • 3:57

    You can see from this that the installation process is actually more than 1 click,

  • 4:02

    but it's still a very simple process, and for this reason it's given the name 1-click install.

  • 4:08

    Let's go ahead and click on the Login URL to our site.

  • 4:15

    If you ever need to get back to the login screen for your blog,

  • 4:19

    you could simply add wp-login.php to your URL.

  • 4:27

    Now let's go ahead and enter in our username and our password and click Log In.

  • 4:41

    We can now see that WordPress is installed and we're in the admin area.

  • 4:47

    If you followed along with this video and successfully installed WordPress

  • 4:51

    using the 1-click install process, congratulations.

  • 4:55

    If you've watched the video but your hosting company doesn't offer

  • 4:59

    a 1-click install process for WordPress, don't worry.

  • 5:03

    In the next video, we'll go over how to manually install WordPress.

  • 5:08

    Even if you have installed WordPress using the 1-click install process,

  • 5:13

    you still need to familiarize yourself with the manual install process

  • 5:17

    because one day you may work with a hosting company who does not offer 1-click install.

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