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Bryan learned HTML and CSS and landed a job as a UX designer

After graduating from college with an Economics degree, Bryan changed direction and turned a lifelong love of design into his career. He’s been able to expand his career opportunities through learning on Treehouse and loves his job as a UX designer.

Alright, a little about myself. My first experience with design must have been playing around with Kid Pix as a kid, but it took me a while to realize it might be something I was serious about. I graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2011 with a degree in Economics, but had already decided by then that I wanted to pursue something a bit more creative. For me, the web has been the perfect combination between the analytical and the creative.

Expanded job opportunities

I started at my first design position at AppStack about a year ago as a purely visual designer, but felt the need to better understand what I was designing for. With so many resources (of varying quality) out there for learning HTML and CSS, it was pretty overwhelming to figure out where to focus my time and effort. Once I found Treehouse, the combo of great videos and interactive tests kept me engaged and entertained throughout the learning process. It made learning about the web fun. I was initially focused only on HTML and CSS, but I found courses like the Ruby on Rails Treebook course helpful because they allowed me to create something that could continue to be built on and improved even after completing the project. The community around Treehouse has been another great place to learn. If there's not a video course on a specific topic, there's always someone on the forums willing to help out.

Through Treehouse, I landed a job with Chop Dawg Studios doing UI/UX design. I initially filled out the Treehouse jobs survey just to see what was out there, but ended up finding a great group of people at Chop Dawg. Treehouse has allowed me to expand my job opportunities as well as giving me the skills I need to work on personal projects.

Bryan Zavestoski

Murrieta, CA Treehouse Profile Website

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