Amresh Venugopal

Amresh Venugopal

New Delhi


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  • What a View
  • Say Hello to Django
  • Making Strong Users
  • Character Builder
  • Flask Templates
  • Welcome to Flask
  • Doing More with Express
  • Serving Static Files in Express
  • Using Templates with Express
  • The Request and Response Objects in Express
  • Developing Express Apps Like a Boss
  • Getting Started with Express
  • AngularJS MVC Frameworks
  • Game Audio
  • Score, Enemies, and Game State
  • Pickups
  • Player Input and Cameras
  • The Unity Editor and Scene Setup
  • Introduction to Video Games
  • Adding Play Services to Your App
  • The Model-View-Controller Pattern
  • User Input
  • Improving Our Code
  • Basic Android Programming
  • Creating the Initial Screen Layout
  • Getting Started with Android
  • Newbie