Python Build a Social Network with Flask Broadcasting Lunch Order Model

Michael G
Michael G
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Why is this not passing? Bummer: LunchOrder is not defined

Create a new Model class with the name LunchOrder. Give it a TextField attribute named order.

Why is this not passing?
import datetime

from flask.ext.bcrypt import generate_password_hash
from flask.ext.login import UserMixin
from peewee import *

DATABASE = SqliteDatabase(':memory:')

class User(UserMixin, Model):
    email = CharField(unique=True)
    password = CharField(max_length=100)
    join_date = DateTimeField(
    bio = CharField(default='')

    class Meta:
        database = DATABASE

    def new(cls, email, password):

class LunchOrder(Model):
    order = TextField()

def initialize():
    DATABASE.create_tables([User], safe=True)