Mission focused company.
Mission focused team.

Our Mission

To design, build, and maintain the best online learning service in the world.

In collaboration with our internal partners, we leverage our expertise in design, development, infrastructure, and data to build high-quality, scalable, secure, and sustainable technology that drives business decisions, serves our students, and works artfully to create the best possible Treehouse.

Engineering (noun): The action of working artfully to bring something about.

Engineering. Redefined.

In a lot of companies, engineering is synonymous with Software Development. Not at Treehouse. We see it in a different light.

Who we are

We embrace a broad set of skills, disciplines, and perspectives under the name Engineering.

Product Designers
Web & Mobile Developers
Data Scientists
Systems Developers

From sea to shining sea

We're a distributed team across the United States that works together to engineer the best online learning platform in the world.

We Value

Solving Problems over Implementing Solutions.

Being Proactive over Being Reactive.

Product Quality over Work Quality.

Ownership in Treehouse over Ownership of Features.

Strong Opinions over Consensus.

Diverse Viewpoints over Unilateral Decisions.

Simplicity over Cleverness.

Making Commitments over Making Excuses.

Learning and Teaching over Being Experts.

Treehouse’s Values over Our Values.