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We know that you need to get team members up to speed on new tech skills quickly - which is why we built Compass. 

Fast forward your technical training program

Compass allows you to input your training goals and quickly identify areas where employees are already proficient, so they can test out of courses and focus only on material relevant for your business. You'll empower team members to learn only what they need, saving time and reducing redundancy.

Meet Compass

Benefits of Compass:

- Reduce redundant learning

- Focus employees on learning the most relevant skills

- Identify who is struggling or excelling in their courses

- Understand skills gaps within a team or department 

- Begin a training program focused on those skills needed most

With Compass, you'll be able to see where your team's skills are optimal, and where they might need a training plan tailored to them with custom reporting. This gives you an in-depth look at knowledge at an individual and team level allowing you to plan training programs to solve known business needs.

Custom reporting for each team member

Better training results

Compass can help you pick from our vast content library to create a Custom Track. This allows you to design a personalized training plan that is specific to the skills your team needs to develop in order to meet your company goals.

Compass is our intelligent content engine that will test your employee's knowledge and tell them exactly where they can focus their effort for an optimal learning experience. This reduces the amount of time spent learning redundant content.

Leverage Compass

We'll allow your team to focus only on what matters most for them to learn, which improves employee satisfaction and engagement on solving business needs.


Compass + Custom Tracks


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