Java is a robust, well-established language with a rich eco-system of tools for solving just about any problem. Because of its maturity and popularity, learning Java is a great way to land a software development job in just about any market.

Why You Should Learn Java

I know, learning anything new isn’t typically easy. And learning a more verbose language like Java might seem daunting. But with the availability of great educational tools, such as Treehouse, the discomfort becomes much more manageable.

Java is a big player in the Internet of Things and connected device market where behind the scenes Java is controlling ATMs, industrial robots, medical devices from prosthetic limbs to blood glucose monitors. Java also controls modern connected home devices such as light bulbs and refrigerators.

Java Tools

Because Java is a mature language, there's an abundance of tools that can be used in Java. And the tools that are used to build Java applications are incredible! 

These tools, called Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs, have made the Java development experience much easier. You can still use a plain text editor with Java if you want.

Java is Everywhere

The Java Community

There are estimates that there as many as ten million Java developers around the world. Java runs on a wide variety of devices, from sports cars to medical devices, and that means a wide variety of industries employ Java developers. That leads to a broad and diverse community of Java users. The community is vibrant and active with many different ways to get involved throughout your career.

The Ease of Learning

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