John Lugtu

John Lugtu

Oakland, CA


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  • Console I/O
  • Prepare and Plan
  • Final Details
  • Django Templates
  • Model Administration
  • What a View
  • Say Hello to Django
  • Keyframe and Line Drawing Animations
  • Transitions and Transforms
  • Gettin' CRUD-y With It
  • Our Diary App
  • Meet Peewee
  • Fetching Data with Queries
  • Getting Started with GraphQL
  • Using the Conversation Service
  • Introducing the Watson APIs
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Styling and Scaling Data
  • Data Binding with D3
  • Selections with D3
  • Creating Rails Apps
  • Getting Started with MongoDB
  • First Steps in React
  • Improving your Gulp Workflow
  • Compile Sass with Gulp
  • Gulp your JavaScript workflow!
  • Welcome to Gulp.js
  • Developing Express Apps Like a Boss
  • Getting Started with Express
  • Updating and Uninstalling Packages with npm
  • Installing Packages with npm
  • What is npm?
  • HTTP Methods and Headers
  • Creating a Basic Template Engine in Node.js
  • Handling Routes in Node.js
  • Creating a Simple Server in Node.js
  • Creating a Command Line Weather Application
  • Handling Errors in Node
  • Getting Data From an API With Node
  • Introduction to Node.js
  • ES2015 Basics
  • AJAX and APIs
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • Programming AJAX
  • AJAX Concepts
  • Handling Errors When Manipulating Data
  • Deleting Data from a Database
  • Updating Data in a Database
  • Adding Data to a Database
  • Finding the Data You Want
  • Getting Data from a Database
  • Data, Databases and SQL
  • Writing Your Own Java Annotation
  • Using Java's Built-In Annotations
  • GET and POST Requests in a Browser
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Adding a New Web Page
  • Make It Beautiful with CSS
  • HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications
  • Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Getting the REST You Need
  • File Uploads and Entity Updates in Spring + Hibernate
  • Getting There
  • User Messages in Spring
  • Getting Started with CRUD in Spring + Hibernate
  • Data-Driven Application Design
  • Integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Persisting Data with Hibernate
  • Getting Started with Hibernate
  • Data Persistence & ORMs
  • Using the MVC Architecture with Spring
  • Modeling, Storing, and Presenting Data with Spring
  • Creating Spring Controllers and Thymeleaf Views
  • Spring Components and Configuring Our App
  • Setting Up Your Local Environment for Spring Development
  • Bells and Whistles
  • Diving into Web Development
  • What to Test
  • How To Test
  • Why Test
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