Local Code Challenge

This is the start of a series of code challenges. It is going to use a dataset I found on the Internet for high scores reported for Nintendo games. In this challenge, you will use a stream to filter scores of a specific game, Burger Time, and then further filter the stream to be of scores greater than 20,000 points.

You'll be completing this challenge using an IDE or code editor locally on your own computer. Download the code to get started and use the tools in your IDE or code editor to help you complete it. When you're ready, upload your finished code to run a series of tests and make sure everything's in working order!

Extra tips:

Make sure you check out the imperative style of things, and as always running the Gradle task treehouse > prepareSubmission will run the tests and then produce a zip file in the submissions folder.

There is more information in the README.md file in the root of the project.