Hamish Jackson-Mee

Hamish Jackson-Mee

Wellington, New Zealand

itshamish.com - I'm a product designer currently living and working in New York.


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  • AngularJS MVC Frameworks
  • Prototyping With Foundation
  • Introduction to Front-End Frameworks
  • Advanced Sass Concepts
  • Speeding up Workflow With Sass
  • Variables, Mixins, and Extending Selectors
  • HTML First
  • Beginning HTML and CSS
  • UIKit Dynamics
  • View Controller Transitions
  • Gestures
  • What is an API?
  • Finishing the User Interface
  • Customizing Table View Controllers
  • Using Auto Layout and Managing the Keyboard
  • Implementing Custom Login and Sign Up Screens
  • Downloading Data with NSURLSession
  • Collection Views
  • Animate This (iOS7)
  • Beyond the Basics
  • Advanced Objective-C
  • Foundation Framework
  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • Pointers and Memory
  • Functional Programming in C
  • Retrieving and Viewing Data from Parse.com
  • Capturing Photo and Video Using UIImagePickerController
  • Relating Users in Parse.com
  • Getting Started with Sass
  • Using Parse.com as a Backend and Adding Users
  • Designing and Starting the App
  • Viewing a Web Page
  • Adapting Data for Display
  • Getting Data from the Web
  • Data Modeling
  • Rebuilding from Scratch
  • Fundamentals of C
  • Exploring the Master-Detail Template
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Animate This
  • Designing your App
  • Refactoring into a Model
  • Creating a Data Collection
  • Getting Started (iOS7)
  • Understanding Views and View Controllers
  • Newbie