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  • Interacting With Data From the Web
  • Simple Data Structures
  • Closures and Closure Expressions
  • Functions as First Class Citizens
  • Closures in iOS
  • Building a Music Library and Playlists (Swift)
  • Refactoring Our Code (Swift)
  • Working With Multiple View Controllers (Swift)
  • Building the Master and Detail Views (Swift)
  • Using a Navigation Controller With Segues (Swift)
  • What is User Experience (UX)?
  • Deploying to a Device
  • Getting Started with Xcode
  • Debugging Our App
  • Improving Our User Interface
  • Swift Properties
  • Swift Inheritance
  • Swift Classes and Objects
  • Using a Data Model
  • Views and View Controllers
  • Swift Value vs Reference Types
  • Swift Structs and their Methods
  • Swift Structs
  • Swift Enums and their Methods
  • Swift Enums
  • Swift Optionals
  • Swift Parameters and Tuples
  • Swift Functions
  • Control Flow
  • Collections
  • Operators
  • Types
  • Variables and Constants
  • Newbie