Kelly Ferrell

Kelly Ferrell

Columbus, OH

I like learning new programs


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  • Using your New Tools
  • Getting Started with Java
  • Pick a Number! Any Number!
  • Putting the "Fun" Back in "Functions"
  • Shopping List
  • Things That Count
  • Ins & Outs
  • Say Hello to Python
  • Choosing Options
  • Organizing Forms
  • Form Basics
  • Manipulating Schema with SQL
  • Creating Tables and Manipulating Data with SQL
  • Installing MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench
  • Introduction to Data, Databases and SQL
  • Customizing Colors and Fonts
  • PHP Loops
  • PHP Data & Structure
  • PHP Conditionals
  • PHP Datatypes
  • PHP Getting Started
  • Creating the Menu and Footer
  • Getting Started with PHP
  • Creating HTML Content
  • HTML First
  • Beginning HTML and CSS
  • Newbie