A front end developer with 1 year of experience in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP and basic Javascript. Passionate to take my skills to the new level with new age Javascript frameworks.


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    Web Developer

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    • English, Hindi,Punjabi
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  • Going MEAN with Angular
  • Going MEAN with Express
  • Introduction to MEAN
  • Go Further With Mongo
  • Working With Collections
  • Understanding MongoDB
  • Getting Started with MongoDB
  • Transitions and Transforms
  • Creating an SVG
  • Introduction to SVG
  • Spriting with Compass
  • Compass Helper Functions
  • Compass Layout and Typography
  • Getting Started with Compass
  • Advanced Sass Concepts
  • Speeding up Workflow With Sass
  • Variables, Mixins, and Extending Selectors
  • Getting Started with Sass
  • Improving Our Todo App
  • Services in Angular
  • Using Angular's Built-in Directives
  • Controllers and Scope
  • Getting Started with Angular
  • Doing More with Express
  • Serving Static Files in Express
  • Using Templates with Express
  • The Request and Response Objects in Express
  • Developing Express Apps Like a Boss
  • Getting Started with Express
  • Updating and Uninstalling Packages with npm
  • Installing Packages with npm
  • What is npm?
  • HTTP Methods and Headers
  • Creating a Basic Template Engine in Node.js
  • Handling Routes in Node.js
  • Creating a Simple Server in Node.js
  • Building a Command Line Application
  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Using a jQuery Carousel
  • Add a Sticky Navigation Bar
  • Introducing jQuery Plugins
  • Global and Product Templates and Hooks
  • Customizing the WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Process
  • Starting a Custom WooCommerce Theme
  • Cart, Checkout and Account Templates and Hooks
  • Getting Started with WooCommerce Theme Development
  • Dependency Management
  • PHP Inheritance & Interfaces
  • PHP Properties & Methods
  • PHP Objects and Classes
  • PHP Internal Functions
  • PHP Returns & Closures
  • PHP Functions Basics
  • PHP Getting Started
  • The Settings API in Different Places
  • Taking WordPress Settings Further
  • Getting Started with Theme Options Settings
  • WordPress Settings API Overview
  • Quiz Practice Project
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • Constructor Functions & Prototypes
  • Introduction to Methods
  • AJAX and APIs
  • jQuery and AJAX
  • Programming AJAX
  • AJAX Concepts
  • Traversing and Manipulating the DOM with JavaScript
  • Selecting Elements and Adding Events with JavaScript
  • JavaScript and the DOM
  • Beginning HTML and CSS
  • Creating a Simple Drawing Application
  • Creating a Password Confirmation Form
  • Creating a Mobile Drop Down Menu
  • Working with Media Queries
  • CSS Animation Basics
  • Creating a Simple Lightbox
  • Creating a Spoiler Revealer
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Understanding CSS Transitions and Transforms
  • Understanding Flexbox and Multi-Column Layout
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript Numbers
  • JavaScript Variables
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Grid Layout
  • Flexbox Layout
  • Positioning Schemes
  • Float Layout
  • Display Modes
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Newbie