700 Huron ave, apt 18J, Cambrige MA

I like to do coding and play games. I learn a lot from games and I try to make my own game with the code of other games. Well, I just get Idea but not copying the real code. I am also a JAVA and VR coder.


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  • Meet Selenium
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  • Installing WordPress Locally
  • Additional Textures in the Standard Shader
  • Textures in the Standard Shader
  • Understanding Materials
  • Introducing Spreadsheets
  • Modeling an Interface
  • Image Effects
  • Introduction to Maya’s Animation Tools
  • Advanced Duplication Options
  • Intermediate Polygon and Deformation Tools
  • Extruding Surfaces from Curves
  • Introduction to Curves and Surfaces
  • Exporting Models Into Unity
  • Scene File Organization and Clean-up
  • Adding Surface Detail to a Model
  • Optimizing the Model
  • Box Modeling Techniques
  • Working with Primitives
  • Getting Started in Maya LT
  • Gameplay
  • Physics Scripting
  • Security: Concerns
  • S3 Storage Service
  • AWS and "The Cloud"
  • Physics Setup
  • Unit Testing
  • VR Setup
  • Interacting with Objects
  • Room-Scale Setup
  • Room-Scale Overview
  • Camera Basics
  • Teleporting
  • Raycasting and Line Rendering
  • Locomotion Overview
  • Tutorialized Controls
  • World Space UI
  • Introduction to User Interfaces in VR
  • Introduction to Video Games
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