Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter

Member Since July 20, 2013

I'm a programmer and designer with a primary focus on iOS, web, and real-time rendering.


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  • Flexbox Properties
  • Understanding Flexbox
  • Working With Remote Repositories
  • Merging
  • Getting Started With Git
  • Downloading Data with NSURLSession
  • Collection Views
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  • Grid Layout
  • Display Modes
  • The Logo Sprint
  • Logo Design 101
  • Styling Content
  • Launching the Website
  • Creating a Website Structure
  • Text Editors and HTML
  • Website Basics
  • Securing and Maintaining a MySQL Database
  • SQL Calculating, Aggregating and Other Functions
  • Joining Relational Data Between Tables in SQL
  • Manipulating Schema with SQL
  • Creating Tables and Manipulating Data with SQL
  • Reading Data from Databases with SQL
  • Installing MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench
  • Introduction to Data, Databases and SQL
  • Cleaning URLs with Subfolders
  • Integrating Validation Errors
  • Wireframing, Interaction Design and Planning
  • ADS Writing and Preparation
  • Introduction to UI Design
  • Limiting Results in Queries
  • Using Relationship Tables
  • Filtering Input for Queries
  • Querying the Database
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Simple PHP Application: Wrapping Up The Project
  • Integrating With Paypal
  • Working with PHP Functions
  • Listing Inventory Items
  • Adding a Contact Form
  • Creating the Menu and Footer
  • Getting Started with PHP
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Responsive Design
  • Adaptive Design
  • Fluid Foundation
  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
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