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  • The Delegate Pattern
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  • Displaying Additional Views
  • Using the Vending Machine
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  • Modeling an Interface
  • Access Control
  • Memory Management in Swift
  • Value Semantics, Type Methods and Inheritance
  • Running Apps on a Device
  • Structs As Data Models
  • Adapting Data for Display
  • Viewing a Web Page
  • Data Modeling
  • Getting Data from the Web
  • Rebuilding from Scratch
  • Exploring the Master-Detail Template
  • Refactoring Our Code (objc)
  • Building the Master and Detail Views (objC)
  • Managing Playlist Data (objC)
  • Building a Music Library Model (objc)
  • Working With Multiple View Controllers (ObjC)
  • Deploying to a Device (ObjC)
  • Debugging Our App (ObjC)
  • Improving Our User Interface (ObjC)
  • Creating a Data Model (ObjC)
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