Victor Gordian

Victor Gordian

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I am learner, I try and don't give up. At first this was just an other opportunity for a job, better pay and the perks of working from home. Now I'm enjoying every lesson. Even though I just started I'm willing to give it my all. .


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  • Discovery
  • First Steps in React
  • Introduction to PHP for WordPress
  • HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications
  • Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Getting Data from a Database
  • Data, Databases and SQL
  • Number Game App
  • Shopping List App
  • Logic in Python
  • Python Data Types
  • Python For Beginners
  • Intents and Multiple Activities
  • User Input
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Improving Our Code
  • Basic Android Programming
  • Creating the Screen Layout
  • Getting Started with Android
  • Introduction to Ecommerce with WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • The WordPress Customizer
  • Managing Media in WordPress
  • Managing Content in WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress on Your Computer
  • Fundamentals of C
  • Blogging with WordPress Overview
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Loops
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • Choosing Options
  • Organizing Forms
  • Form Basics
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript Numbers
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Designing with the Latest Features
  • Basic Layout
  • The Box Model
  • Understanding Values and Units
  • Basic Selectors
  • Getting Started with CSS
  • JavaScript Variables
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Debugging HTML and CSS Problems
  • Sharing a Website
  • Responsive Web Design and Testing
  • Adding Pages to a Website
  • Styling Web Pages and Navigation
  • Customizing Colors and Fonts
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Creating HTML Content
  • HTML First
  • Beginning HTML and CSS
  • Newbie