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Einar Aoalsteinsson

Reykjavik, Iceland

Einar Aoalsteinsson

Einar brushed up his skills & switched careers

After stumbling across an episode of the Treehouse Show Einar felt inspired to get back into his passion for web design. So after a five year hiatus, he decided Treehouse would be a great resource to start learning again and brush up on his skills. Two months after signing up, Einar landed a web design project, followed by another. Finally feeling confident enough that his design skills had reached a professional level, and with a steady stream of projects coming in, Einar chose to change career paths and work fulltime as a web designer.

When I was eight my dad showed me something he had been working on at his work place’s computer lab for a week or two. He had made his own webpage using HTML and now he wanted to introduce me to this language and teach me how to use it. We were both blown away. He taught me the basics and in few hours we had made a good looking website with images of clowns and a parrot, if I remember it correctly. Obviously, the whole content blinked using the element – because it was the 90's (and I still don't understand why that feature was dropped). Anyway, at that point there was no turning back. During my high school years I made several websites, won an award for one and was learning something every day about coding. But then I decided to move from Iceland where I'm originally from to London to pursue a career in one of my other interests: acting. I attended drama school for three years and have worked as an actor in Iceland since graduating in 2010.

About eight months ago I stumbled across an episode of The Treehouse Show, which directed me to various articles and quickly made me excited about web design again. After watching a few more (all of them) episodes I decided to get an account. I hadn't done much coding for about five years so it was definitely the right time to start learning again and brush up on the skills. After about two months of being a Treehouse student I landed a web design project, and another one, and another one. I decided to put my acting career on hold and start working full time as a web designer and I haven't stopped since. The Treehouse courses have helped me to reach a professional level in web design, and for that, I am very grateful. Thanks Treehouse!

I decided to put my acting career on hold and start working full time as a web designer and I haven't stopped since.

My last few projects have mainly been for Icelandic tours/expedition companies and magazines about the fish industry (yep, those were fun), with a few personal projects on the side like (Mér Leiðist is Icelandic for I'm Bored), which offers categorized randomness to those who don't like reading for their exams for example. I wouldn't have done much of this if it weren't for Treehouse!

My plans for the future are to keep developing my skills and putting them into practice. I want to take on larger projects, meet new interesting people and enjoy being creative at my job. At the moment I live with my wife in New York City where she is a graduate student in filmmaking. The city is a constant inspiration to me and hopefully I can stay here and make a decent living out of what I do.

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