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Built on the Treehouse Learning Platform

Techdegree is built on the Treehouse learning style, with interactive videos, workspaces, quizzes and more.

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Real-world Projects

After completing Techdegree, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio of projects to demonstrate your newly-acquired expertise.

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Interactive Quizzes And Code Challenges

Test your knowledge with quizzes or test out of subjects you've already mastered. Plus, use Treehouse's interactive Workspaces to create staging environments for the code you write.

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In-depth Code Reviews

Peer reviews are an integral part of the Techdegree experience. Real-world job roles often require a lot of reviewing other people’s code and design—once you graduate Techdegree, you’ll have experience giving and receiving feedback.

What will you create?

  • Project 1 | 14 Activities

    Random Quote Generator in PHP

    Practice your knowledge of basic PHP syntax and data structures by building a Random Quote Generator, a program that displays a randomly selected quote each time the user clicks a button.

  • Project 2 | 6 Activities

    Create a PHP Quiz App

    Use data persistence with PHP to build a working quiz app that tests a user's math skills. Add logic to receive user input, keep track of progress and display the final results on the screen.

  • Project 3 | 13 Activities

    Build a Personal Learning Journal

    Create a web application using PHP Data Objects (PDO) and a SQLite database. The web application, a personal learning journal, lets a user add and edit journal entries and store the results in a database. The result is a useful, blog-like web application.

  • Project 4 | 6 Activities

    OOP PHP Game Show App

    Create a browser-based, word guessing game: "Phrase Hunter." You’ll use PHP and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to select a random, hidden phrase. A player tries to guess the phrase by selecting individual letters from an onscreen keyboard. Can they guess the phrase before they run out of attempts?

  • Project 5 | 8 Activities

    Build a Laravel-powered Site

    Build a pet adoption website, using Laravel, a framework for developing modern web applications with PHP. In this project, you'll create a new Laravel project, spin up and connect to a database, and build routes. Finally, you'll use the Blade templating engine to craft multiple views, one for each page of your new Pet Adoption web app!

  • Project 6 | 5 Activities

    Unit Testing in PHP

    Developing reliable software means writing code that you’re confident will work in a variety of settings. A crucial piece to making this happen is adding software tests to your programs. Add unit tests to an existing application to ensure that it is functioning as intended. Add code to make the tests for a new feature pass.

  • Project 7 | 5 Activities

    TODO API with Laravel

    Create your own API by using the popular Laravel framework.

PHP User Authentication

You have a Todo Application that will allow you to added, edit, delete, and check off tasks. You also have some friends who are looking for a way to track their own todos. You're ready to put this on the internet and share it with your friends, but you don't want everyone to have access to everyone else's todos. Before you can go live, you need to lock this app down with some User Authentication.

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Your Teachers

  • Nick Pettit

    • HTML
    • Game Development
    • Design
    • Machine Learning
    • Virtual Reality
    Nick Pettit
  • Phil Sturgeon

    • PHP
    Phil Sturgeon
  • Hampton Paulk

    • PHP
    Hampton Paulk
  • Andrew Chalkley

    • JavaScript
    • Databases
    Andrew Chalkley
  • Chris Ramacciotti

    • Development Tools
    • Java
    Chris Ramacciotti
  • Treasure Porth

    • HTML
    • Development Tools
    • JavaScript
    Treasure Porth
  • Alena Holligan

    • PHP
    • Security
    • WordPress
    Alena Holligan
  • Kenneth Love

    • Development Tools
    • Python
    • Security
    Kenneth Love
  • Jared Smith

    • Data Analysis
    • Development Tools
    • Security
    Jared Smith
  • Jay McGavren

    • Ruby
    • Go
    • Development Tools
    Jay McGavren
  • Guil Hernandez

    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    Guil Hernandez
  • Dave McFarland

    • JavaScript
    Dave McFarland
  • Brian Retterer

    • PHP
    Brian Retterer
  • Jonathan Barrios

    • JavaScript
    • PHP
    • Python
    Jonathan Barrios
  • Abrahm Overcast

    • PHP
    Abrahm Overcast
  • Anwar Montasir

    • Design
    Anwar Montasir

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