Vanessa Pajarito

Vanessa Pajarito

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Hi, my name is Vanessa. I'm currently enrolled in junior college, and I'm studying computer science. I'm working towards finishing my degree, and I'm pursing a treehouse tech-degree in order to gain necessary skills in web development.


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  • Editing and Filtering Names
  • Adding and Removing Names
  • Traversing the DOM
  • Responding to User Interaction
  • Making Changes to the DOM
  • Getting a Handle on the DOM
  • The Browser Environment
  • The Role of Selectors in JavaScript
  • Pseudo-classes and Combinators
  • Selector Basics
  • Making Decisions in Your Code with Conditional Statements
  • Loop Through Objects
  • Object Basics
  • Working with Numbers
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Loop Through Arrays
  • Store Multiple Values in an Array
  • Working with 'for' Loops
  • Simplify Repetitive Tasks with Loops
  • Arrow Functions
  • Pass Information Into Functions
  • Create Reusable Code with Functions
  • Getting Started With HTML
  • The Math Object
  • Working With Strings
  • Storing and Tracking Information with Variables
  • Hello, JavaScript!
  • Adding a New Web Page
  • Make It Beautiful with CSS
  • HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications
  • Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Finishing the Game
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Newbie