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Interactive UX Design Courses

Treehouse provides comprehensive online course offerings for Interactive UX Design. As one of the fastest growing disciplines in the tech industry, this is quickly becoming an invaluable skill to have for those seeking a tech career. Those in the user experience design field are responsible for making products enjoyable, accessible, intuitive, and easy to use. A challenge of being a UX designer is balancing the user experience with meeting the business goals of the company. With Treehouse courses, you can learn to master UX design and how to strike that perfect balance.

Treehouse teaches you these skills and concepts through a unique, self-paced set of learning tracks. It doesn’t matter what speed you learn, if you can set aside some time, you’ll be able to develop the skills it takes to become a UX designer. You’ll get real-world skills that will help you find success in the tech industry.

No matter what level you are -- beginner, intermediate, or expert -- Treehouse will be able to help you along your journey. Our courses have a mixture of skill levels, allowing beginners to start from the bottom and experts to sharpen their skills or learn new ones.

When you have this kind of flexibility in your learning path, you’ll be more excited to take on the materials and consistently come back to learn the skills. If you’re willing to be consistent and make some time for Treehouse courses, you’ll be able to learn the fundamentals and higher-level skills to land you a job as a UX designer.

As you learn, you’ll develop a full portfolio of UX projects that you’ll be able to present with your job applications. This will help you have the best chance of getting a career in the industry. With the practices, exercises, workshops, and challenges that Treehouse provides, you’ll be able to develop these necessary skills and projects effectively and efficiently.

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Basic Classes in UX Design

User Experience Design is sometimes shortened to UX design and it encompasses all aspects of a user's interaction with a company, its services, and its products. This is just the beginning of the information you’ll be learning in our UX design classes. Once you understand the purpose, you’ll dive right into learning the skills necessary to become a designer yourself.

Since this is such a rapidly developing job, it’s important to get more than just a surface-level understanding of these skills. Knowledgeable UX designers are in high demand, and with Treehouse you’ll get exactly what you need to break into the field of user experience design.

Even if you already have a full-time job, you’ll be able to complete Treehouse courses and work your way up to a new career. Whenever you have time, you can just jump into a course, learn, and do some work. You’ll quickly develop an invaluable set of skills that will take you far in any potential future UX career. Most of our students who have full-time responsibilities are able to complete courses in as soon as three months. Even if it takes you longer, you’ll still be learning these skills much more efficiently than what is typical.

Our expert teaching staff will also be there to help you along every step of the way. Our teachers have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your learning journey and teach you how to actually apply what you’ve learned in a job environment. Students who finish Treehouse courses walk away feeling confident that they can apply their skills outside of the virtual classroom.

The Treehouse community will also be there to help you throughout your courses. In the Treehouse Slack channel, you’ll get to connect with other students, teachers, and staff members. You’ll get a community of peers who you can talk to about ideas and work with on projects. In addition, you’ll have a long-lasting network that you’ll be able to rely on after taking Treehouse courses.

Treehouse will also be here in the future for you after your courses are done. Programming and development are fields that are constantly in flux, so there are new technologies emerging all the time. Once you’re in a design career, you’ll be able to come back to Treehouse when you need a refresher or need to learn a new skill to advance your career.

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The built-in code editor will assist you with your markup. This will help you identify any potential issues as you practice your coding skills. This ensures you will pick up on any mistakes you make early on, which will help you to correct these mistakes and give you a good foundation from which to progress. This is just one of several available tools to help you be successful.

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Career Positions

    • UX Designer
    • Senior UX Designer
    • Principal UX Designer

Career Skills

    • User experience practices
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping

Meet Your Instructors

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    Virtual Learning for Beginners

    UX designers have the unique job of putting themselves into the shoes of the end-user, creating solutions through a mixture of creativity and empathy. Being a UX designer requires you to be able to incorporate design thinking, which is a series of user-centered methods and mindsets that businesses can use to improve a product. As you go through our virtual learning hub, you’ll research and understand users and their pain points, sketch and design possible solutions, create interactive prototypes, and then test the designs with actual users.

    In the Treehouse virtual learning hub, you’ll be able to learn all of these skills and more. Each of our tracks are designed to teach a specific set of skills or a concept in UX design. When browning our course content, you’ll find tracks such as data visualization, UX basics, responsive design, how to collaborate with developers, user onboarding, creating UX content, and so much more. Designers of every skill level are sure to find something to enhance and sharpen their UX design toolbelt.

    Treehouse provides you with everything you need to learn, including interactive videos, workshops, challenges, and more that help you work through the concepts and learn them fully. You also get access to review tools and quizzes to make sure you’re retaining all of the information as you go.

    Treehouse only takes a commitment of 30 minutes a day to complete courses efficiently. Even if you have less time to dedicate, you can gradually learn the skills Treehouse has to offer. If you’ve ever been interested in a career that involves UX design, then Treehouse is where you should start. Browse our library of content to see what we have to offer.

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