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Certification for all skill levels, including true beginners

Techdegree is an online bootcamp-style program that guides you through a full curriculum of Treehouse learning. To earn your Techdegree, you'll complete a series of projects for your professional portfolio. Techdegree learning includes video courses, workshops, interactive quizzes and code challenges, and access to the exclusive Treehouse Slack community for live support.

Why Techdegree

Launch your career

Techdegree certificate and project window with badges around

Real-world projects for your portfolio

After completing a Techdegree, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio of projects to demonstrate your newly-acquired expertise.

Certification through Accredible

Contact tech recruiters with your best foot forward—update your resume, polish up your project portfolio, and save your certification through Accredible.

Career-focused support

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1-on-1 career support

As part of your Techdegree, you'll have access to career support on Slack and meet twice over Zoom with Treehouse's Career Advisor.

An alumni community like no other

Stay connected in our alumni Slack community for networking opportunities, job postings, and more. Learn, ask, and network with “first in line” access to exclusive webinars and career-related talks.

How you'll learn

Structured, interactive curriculum

Techdegree Challenge

Curated curriculum to help you stay focused

Learn through guided learning paths with videos and projects. Depending on the Techdegree program, you may build a browser-based word guessing game, an interactive photo gallery, or even a console application to load store inventory data with SQLAlchemy.

Interactive quizzes and code challenges

Test your knowledge with quizzes or test out of subjects you've already mastered. Plus, use Treehouse's interactive Workspaces to create staging environments for the code you write.

No need to learn alone

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Real-time student support

Throughout the Techdegree, you’ll interact closely with our student success team. Our team will review and help debug your projects, answer questions, and act as a sounding board via our exclusive Slack workspace and Zoom.

Learn with others via Slack and peer reviews

Connect with others in our exclusive Slack community, an integral part of the Techdegree experience. Real-world jobs also often involve reviewing code—gather experience by giving and receiving feedback with in-depth peer reviews.

Techdegree programs

All programs are $199/month

Companies employing Techdegree graduates

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Your career-oriented Techdegree roadmap


How long does it take to complete a Techdegree?


Techdegree programs are self-paced, which means the time it takes to complete it is up to you! The time it takes to complete a Techdegree can vary greatly based on consistency of learning, flexibility of schedules, motivation, and more. For reference, we've found that by committing three hours per day to your studies, students have been able to complete each of the following Techdegree programs in as little as:

  • Front End Web Development - 4 months
  • Full Stack JavaScript - 5 months
  • User Experience (UX) Design - 3 months
  • Python Development - 2 months
  • Data Analysis - 4 months

Should I complete any courses to prepare for the Techdegree?


Nope! Techdegree programs are designed to take you from a beginner level and teach you all you need to build a solid technical foundation in a given topic.

Can I skip courses if I have previously completed them as a student?


Yes, if you've already completed a course using the same Treehouse account, it will be marked completed in the Techdegree.

How much does the Techdegree cost?


Students pay for the Techdegree program on a monthly basis. The Techdegree program costs $199/month.

What kind of learning support do you offer?


You will get personalized feedback on each of your projects to ensure you are on the right track with your work. You will also gain access to an exclusive Slack community where you can connect with other students as well as moderators and Treehouse staff to help you out with any questions you may have during your journey. Bonus: you'll also have the opportunity to perform in-depth peer reviews, which can help you gain experience for real-world jobs by learning to give and receive feedback.

What if I'm not ready for a Techdegree but still want to start learning to code?


You can learn with Treehouse with our Courses or Courses Plus plans if you're not quite ready to jump into a Techdegree! Check out the differences between them on our Plans page here.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?


Refer to our full-length FAQ page, or reach out directly to We're here to help!


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