Python Techdegree

Learn the building blocks of Python to build websites and web applications, and run data analytics.

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Built on the Treehouse Learning Platform

Techdegree is built on the Treehouse learning style, with interactive videos, workspaces, quizzes and more.

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Real-world Projects

After completing Techdegree, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio of projects to demonstrate your newly-acquired expertise.

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Interactive Quizzes And Code Challenges

Test your knowledge with quizzes or test out of subjects you've already mastered. Plus, use Treehouse's interactive Workspaces to create staging environments for the code you write.

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In-depth Code Reviews

Peer reviews are an integral part of the Techdegree experience. Real-world job roles often require a lot of reviewing other people’s code and design—once you graduate Techdegree, you’ll have experience giving and receiving feedback.

What will you create?

  • Project 1 | 17 Activities

    The Number Guessing Game

    Build a console number guessing game that prompts a player to choose a number between a specified range of numbers. After the user guesses the correct number, display the number of attempts it took them to guess correctly.

  • Project 2 | 8 Activities

    Basketball Stats Tool

    Build a console-based basketball team statistics tool to help you divide up a group of players into teams. You'll apply your knowledge of important Python data structures like lists and dictionaries for the project.

  • Project 3 | 4 Activities

    Phrase Hunters

    Create a word guessing game: "Phrase Hunter." You’ll use Python and OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) approaches to select a phrase at random, hidden from the player. A player tries to guess the phrase by inputting individual characters. Can they guess the phrase before they run out of attempts?

  • Project 4 | 8 Activities

    A Store Inventory

    Build a console application that loads an existing store's inventory data from a CSV file into a Sqlite database. The application will allow a user to interact with the records stored in the database to view existing records, add new items, and backup/export the existing state of the database into a CSV file.

Build a Learning Journal with Flask

Create a web application using HTML, CSS, and Flask, a popular framework for Python web development. The web application, a personal learning journal, lets a user add and edit journal entries and store the results in a database. The result is a useful, blog-like web application.

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Your Teachers

  • Kenneth Love

    • Development Tools
    • Python
    • Security
    Kenneth Love
  • Treasure Porth

    • HTML
    • Development Tools
    • JavaScript
    Treasure Porth
  • Craig Dennis

    • Java
    • Data Analysis
    • Development Tools
    • Quality Assurance
    Craig Dennis
  • Jay McGavren

    • Ruby
    • Go
    • Development Tools
    Jay McGavren
  • Ashley Boucher

    • JavaScript
    • Python
    Ashley Boucher

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