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Give your team a more practical, interactive online learning solution

Instructional videos, interactive learning, and self-paced online bootcamps for your team. Learning analytics and a simple, intuitive management platform for you.

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How your business will learn on Treehouse

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Thousands of hours of practical curriculum

  • Extensive coverage of the world’s most popular technologies, including JavaScript, React, Python, SQL, UX, and more.
  • Students reinforce learning objectives through interactive quizzes, code challenges, and virtual workspaces.
  • Collaborative student support ensures no question goes unanswered.
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Access learning analytics

  • Gain practical insights into your team’s learning achievements broken down by organization, department, or employee.
  • Set learning deadlines and track student progress and comprehension level.
  • Gamify learning through badges and leaderboards.
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Custom learning modules

  • Assign dozens of curated courses to your team.
  • Create custom training modules suited to your team’s specific needs.
  • Upload and manage your organization’s onboarding and training content.
  • Reduce management overhead with multiple department curriculum administrators.
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Easy member management

  • Selectively invite team members or use the bulk import option for a larger crowd.
  • Expand seating at prorated cost.
  • Flexible payment options via credit card or invoice.
  • Straightforward resolution of procurement and compliance requirements.

User reviews


High production quality and great for developers of varying experience levels. … Treehouse’s organized course layout and excellent instructor-led videos were exactly what I needed to bring my understanding to the next level. Being able to code along while you learn new functions and concepts was a very intuitive way to learn.

Ben Uproar


Senior SEO Analyst, Uproer

Operation Code is changing the lives of thousands of veterans, military spouses, and service members, through scholarship programs with Treehouse, among others. With Treehouse, Operation Code is able to offer an online learning platform that offers tailored courses and mentors who are there to support students’ journeys.

AnitaB.org empowers women and non-binary techologists through a sponsorship program, bringing students in, training them using Treehouse content, and then placing students in their first developer job.

See how Treehouse scales in a
computer science classroom

St. Petersburg, Florida-based Keswick Christian School has fully incorporated Treehouse into their 6th through 12th grade computer science curriculum. With a little help from Treehouse’s online learning platform, Blaine and his colleagues had gone to create a truly extraordinary STEM learning environment.


Who can use a Treehouse for Businesses account?


Treehouse for Businesses is great for libraries, schools, and businesses small to large! Our platform is great for teams who want to upskill, cross-train, and develop their skillsets.

Can I customize content based on my organization's needs?


With a Treehouse for Businesses account, you can build out custom curriculum leveraging any of the courses, workshops, and practice sessions in the Treehouse Library. You can also import your organization’s training material into the platform and monitor employee progress throughout.

How do I know how my team is progressing through their learning plans?


As an admin, you'll be able to see in-depth information about each learner in your account and run reports that can be shared with other members of your team. You also have the ability to assign curriculum to learners with or without due dates.

Is there a limit to how many people can be on my Treehouse for Businesses account?


There is no limit on the number of seats that can be associated with your account. Some Treehouse for Businesses subscribers have well over 1,000 active learners associated with their accounts. Treehouse for Businesses accounts are priced based on annual seats, which means you can have a set number of learners at any time throughout your annual subscription. Seats can be reassigned as needed, and any account that is deactivated will retain progress data.

What if my team already has some skills in a language?


Treehouse comes with Compass, our pre-assessment tool, that allows learners to test out of content they already understand and places them in the correct part of a Track (learning path).

Our company is large and plans on having many teams using the platform. How complicated is managing members?


Your Treehouse plan can be broken down into many different departments or teams. These can all have different admins/team leads who will only see the members in their departments. This allows for various training initiatives across multiple teams in a smooth, effortless manner.

How much is a Treehouse for Businesses account?


Pricing starts at $299 per seat per year. Submit a free trial form and our team will meet with you to discuss customized pricing options for your organization's needs!