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"I want a new career."

We know that's why students like you are learning new skills in web development and design at Treehouse.

Perhaps you want to land a new job, launch a freelance career, or advance in your profession. Your skills alone aren't enough. No matter your goals, learning how to capitalize on your talent is part of the journey to securing a great job.

In this guide, we'll cover the resources that help you stand out from the competition, including:

Business courses that will get you job-ready.

Job search tips that make you a better candidate.

Local meetup opportunities.

Popular job boards for developers and designers.

Résumé, cover letter and interview guidance.


Find Your Opportunity

The education you've learned at Treehouse provides you with tremendous career options — no matter your interests, personality, or ambitions.

That's what's great about the development and design industry: There are so many paths to explore. It doesn't matter if you're creative or analytical, free-spirited or a cubicle-lover, big-picture or detail-oriented, collaborative or independent. There are jobs that match your strengths.

As we explore these career resources, consider how they supplement your dreams. You may be interested in development or design, full-time or part-time work, freelance gigs or a salaried job. We'll provide the tools, but you should make them work for you.


Begin Today

It sounds obvious, but you can't find a job until you start looking. From the time you begin your search to when you land a job, you likely won't find work immediately. But take heart. It often requires months of preparation and hard work on your part — and by the employer, too — before you're both happy. Don't procrastinate and check out some job boards today.

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