Aesthetic Foundations

Aesthetic Foundations will cover the elements and principles of art, along with color theory. This basic knowledge will provide a design language that enables more effective communication amongst designers and other team members.

Cover design aesthetic foundations

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The elements of art form the basic visual building blocks. With elements like line, shape, and form, it is possible to approach design from an objective and analytical perspective.



The principles of art are a set of rules or guidelines that utilize the elements of art to create patterns. By leveraging principles like harmony, contrast, and emphasis, the elements of art can be manipulated to bring forth emotional depth and dynamic visuals.

Color Theory

Color Theory

Color theory is the study of mixing colors together and the visual effects of various combinations. Color has been studied for many centuries, but the advent of computer graphics has made this area even more interesting.


  • Nick Pettit

    Nick is a designer, public speaker, teacher at Treehouse, and co-host of The Treehouse Show. His Twitter handle is @nickrp.

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