Build a Simple Android App

This simple app will introduce the Java language, Eclipse, and some very basic concepts in the Android SDK. By the end, students should know how to build a simple app with touch and motion events, and animations.


6 Achievements

Learning the Language

Learning the Language

Android apps are typically written in a programming language called Java. In this stage we'll introduce you to Java and some of the basic concepts of programming like variables, arrays, and "if" statements. We'll also touch on some of the key principles of object-oriented development.

Shaking Things Up

Shaking Things Up

We want our app to be fun and engaging, so in this stage we'll show you how to add code to detect when you shake your phone. Then we'll show how to display an answer as a result of that shake. And since shaking involves an actual phone, we'll show you how to run your app on a real device.

Interrogating the App

Interrogating the App

We can't always see what's going on behind the scenes of our app, so in this stage we'll show you how to use a few tools to monitor how the Crystal Ball app is working and to troubleshoot problems.


  • Ben Jakuben

    Ben is a father, husband, son, friend, and teacher. He is firmly committed to the belief that the world is evolving to a better place. Find him on Twitter @benjakuben.

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