Build an Interactive Website

This project will walk us through the basics of jQuery and JavaScript and add interactivity to the Smells Like Bakin' website. JavaScript is the interactivity or behavioral layer of a website's front end and is used to add polish and enhance the user experience.


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Form Validation and Manipulation

Form Validation and Manipulation

jQuery offers a range of methods to detect when a user interacts with a form, we'll be using these methods in conjunction with other jQuery methods to add some browser-based validation to a simple contact form.


  • Andrew Chalkley

    I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien, I'm an Englishman in Portland. All of my professional life I've worked with computers online. I'm a polyglot programmer and like using the right tools for the job. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my young family and when I get chance, sticking opponents in Halo 4. You can find me in most places @chalkers.

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