Console Foundations

The console is an important skill for any developer. Many programs can only be used via a command line interface, and often the only access you have to a server will be over a command line interface. Once you are familiar with the basics of the console, you will be able to perform very powerful tasks quickly and easily.

Console Foundations

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Moving Around in the Console

Getting Started with the Console

The command line and console can be a scary thing to get started with. Once you understand the history of the command line, and what it's good for, you can get familiar very quickly. The command line provides you the ability to interact with your computer using text commands, often making actions that would be difficult with menus or mouse clicks simple.

Console Users and Permission

Users and Permissions

Almost all computers have the idea of user accounts. Along with that comes permissions which define which users can interact with the different files and programs on the computer. It’s important to know how to setup and manage users, and how permissions are applied to files and folders.

Console Processes


A process is the building block of how our computers run programs. It represents an instance of a program running. You can run multiple instances of a single program by creating multiple processes. Anything that is running has a process, and understanding how to manage your processes will keep you in control of your computer.

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Environment and Redirection

Environment and Redirection

The environment is a general term that refers to a particular configuration of hardware or software. It defines where the computer should look for programs, where your important folders are, and other configuration data. We will look at how to manage your environment and how to do other useful things, like finding files on your computer.

Installing Programs

Installing Software

A common thing you may do using the command line is installing and configuring software. There are two main ways you can install software from the command line. You can build the software from its source code files, or you can use a package manager to install software for you.


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