This Course will be retired on April 27, 2015. We recommend starting JavaScript Basics or JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects for newer, up-to-date content.


JavaScript Foundations

Learn the fundamentals to the JavaScript Language. JavaScript is the key to programming in the browser, mastering jQuery, and building apps with Node.js. You will learn how to program effectively in JavaScript, the different types, functions, and techniques for writing solid JavaScript. You will benefit from taking Introduction to Programming if you don't have much experience with programming.

JavaScript Foundations

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JavaScript Functions


Functions are a foundational concept in JavaScript. Functions allow us to store code for reuse in our programs. This allows us to organize our code and make it much easier to maintain and write.

JavaScript Objects


Objects are the foundation of JavaScript. They are very easy to learn, but can be a bit difficult to master. In this course we will look at simple JavaScript objects as well as how to use Prototypes to do object oriented programming.


  • Jim Hoskins

    Jim is a full stack software developer at Treehouse. When he's not writing code, he's blogging, teaching, or speaking at conferences. On Twitter he is @jimrhoskins.

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