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Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a dynamic, responsive, and visually appealing digital business card.

Created: 11/06/2023 by Brian Jensen

Skill level: beginner

Topics used: HTML CSS JavaScript

Estimated completion time: 2 Hours

    In today's digital era, personal branding is more vital than ever. Gone are the days when physical business cards were the only means to make a lasting impression. Enter the "Digital Business Card" — a modern, interactive, and eco-friendly alternative that's accessible from anywhere in the world.

    This project showcases a mockup for Jane Smith, a talented Floral Designer. Not only does it highlight her beautiful floral designs, but it also integrates her social media handles, allowing viewers to connect with her on various platforms. The QR code addition offers a quick gateway to her professional website, providing an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to reach out or collaborate.

  1. 0

    To begin, click "Start Adventure" at the top of the page and then download your starter files.

  2. 1

    Use semantic HTML elements to structure the page.

  3. 2

    Create a responsive layout that adapts to various screen sizes.

  4. 3

    Use CSS Flexbox or Grid.

  5. 4

    Add a hover effect to the social media icons.

  6. 5

    Use CSS transitions to animate the hover effect.

  7. 6

    Ensure that the code is accessible and adheres to WCAG standards.

  8. 7

    Use JavaScript to enable functionality to flip the card.