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  • Static Table Views for Detail Interfaces
  • Displaying Contact Data
  • Modeling Forecast Data
  • Error Handling and Memory Management
  • Building Standard Library Functions
  • Closure Expressions
  • First Class Functions
  • Generics and Protocols
  • Generic Types
  • Generic Functions, Parameters and Constraints
  • Adding Sound Effects
  • Creating the User Interface Programmatically
  • Creating a Story
  • Using the Delegate Pattern in iOS
  • Loading Data From a Resource
  • Modeling an Interface
  • Creating Flexible Objects Using Protocols
  • Introduction to Optionals
  • Running Apps on a Device
  • Getting Started with iOS Development
  • Differentiating Between Objects
  • Class Inheritance
  • Classes in Swift
  • Complex Data Structures
  • Control Flow With Conditional Statements
  • Control Flow With Loops
  • Adding Power to Functions
  • Functions in Swift
  • Introduction to Collections
  • An Introduction to Swift Programming
  • Dictionaries in Swift
  • Newbie