May 27, 2022

Junior Software Engineer

Remote only

  • Full-time


You will be playing a key part in our engineering team, evolving our platform through a lot of collaboration and experimentation. We use a process of prototyping before we carry out any significant development work and you’ll discuss this closely with the Lead Engineer to design a solution towards a feature. You will subsequently develop a prototype (or a few), implement it and take it into production.

Post release, you’ll own that service and ensure that it evolves with the platform accordingly.


You will bring experience to the team and will help us avoid difficult paths, but you understand that experiencing failures is a building block for success. Your resilience will be key to navigate these situations.

With the support of your Lead Engineer, you will be able to state clearly what is needed to deliver features in a timely fashion. You will do that with a good level of written and spoken English.

Be able to debug and provide support for services you ship in all environments. ○ Be able to communicate effective metrics for the code you write, be aware of its performance and how we can observe them inline with SLOs.

You have a positive outlook in life and you can also have fun away from technology. You are able to focus on how to overcome obstacles, rather than being overly impeded by limitations and dependencies.


You have technical experience in:

● Object-oriented programming; hands-on experience with one or more OO-heavy language (C#, Java, Ruby, etc) is preferred ● TypeScript development in strict mode with Node.js ● Storage: Redis, SQL, MongoDB

And it would be great if you also have:

● Exposure to frontend development using one of the mainstream frameworks (Vue, Angular, React, etc) ● Exposure to Dependency Injection ● Experience with micro services ● Experience with cloud services and providers (Google Cloud and AWS in our case) ● Interest in Event Driven and asynchronous communication patterns


Salary: £30K - £40K

About UBIO

The UBIO Automation Cloud uses bots to enable websites to be turned into "interactive"​ transactional APIs. Our platform is used by most of the world's largest travel metasearch companies to facilitate flight and hotel bookings without having to integrate with the advertiser technology stack.