Kevin Nasky

Kevin Nasky

Avon, OH

Physician. Developer of of web apps for clinicians. Aspiring data scientist, hoping to one day help usher in the imminent data revolution in medicine that will help curtail costs while improving outcomes, access, and patient experience.


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  • Python Tuples
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Python Slices
  • Python Lists
  • Installing Programs
  • Environment and Redirection
  • Console Processes
  • Console Users and Permission
  • Moving Around in the Console
  • Letter Game App
  • Number Game App
  • Shopping List App
  • Logic in Python
  • Python Data Types
  • Python For Beginners
  • JavaScript Numbers
  • JavaScript Variables
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Getting to Know Bootstrap 4
  • PHPDB Stage 3: Using Relational Data
  • Joining Table Data with SQL
  • Table Relationships
  • Database Keys
  • Database Normalization
  • PHPDB Stage 2: Querying the Database with PHP
  • PHPDB Stage 1: Databases and PHP
  • Finding the Data You Want
  • Getting Data from a Database
  • Data, Databases and SQL
  • PHP Internal Functions
  • PHP Returns & Closures
  • PHP Functions Basics
  • PHP Loops
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Conditionals
  • PHP on the Web
  • Daily Exercise Program
  • Unit Converter
  • Getting to Know PHP
  • Adding a New Web Page
  • Make It Beautiful with CSS
  • HTML: The Structural Foundation of Web Pages and Applications
  • Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS
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