Konrad Pilch

Konrad Pilch

Leicester, Leicester City, United Kingdom

Skills & Experience

  • Spoken Languages

    • Polish, Italian and English.
  • Looking for work


24 Achievements

  • Creating a Simple Drawing Application
  • Selecting Elements and Adding Events with JavaScript
  • Overview of the WordPress Customizer
  • Homepage Templates in WordPress
  • Core WordPress Theme Files
  • An Overview of Hooks in WordPress
  • Managing Content in WordPress
  • Widgets and Custom Menus
  • Custom Post Types and Fields
  • Customizing WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Themes
  • Installing Wordpress
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress on Your Computer
  • Optimize Assets
  • Measuring Performance
  • Planning for Performance
  • Image Delivery with Srcset and Sizes
  • Moving Forward with UX
  • Tools UXers Use
  • How UXers Think
  • What Do User Experience Designers Do?
  • What is User Experience (UX)?
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