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Computer science is a fairly new term, but one that already has a rich history. You can trace the beginners of computer science to events like the commission of the first large-scale programmable computer, the introduction of the personal computer, the invention of the Internet, the development of mobile computing, and more. With such a broad subject, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know about computer science. But that’s part of the appeal and beauty of the computer science field. You can learn just a small slice of computer science and make a career from that knowledge.

With Treehouse, you can find an area of computer science that interests you and learn about it in a self-paced learning environment. Treehouse accommodates all kinds of students, whether you’re a quick study or you prefer to take your time to absorb the material. With Treehouse, you’ll learn what real-world skills are necessary to make a career in computer science.

Treehouse lets you start wherever you’re most comfortable. If you’re a beginner, we have courses that will get you started. If you’re more at the intermediate or expert level, we have plenty of courses you’ll find useful. With Treehouse, you can always find a new skill or sharpen what you already know.

We believe learning should be customizable. With our courses, you can customize your learning journey however you see fit. Not everyone learns material the same way, and with Treehouse you’ll be able to get a flexible education that works for you. By the end of our computer science courses, you’ll have what it takes to enter the computer science job market.

Part of what makes Treehouse special is that you’ll be building a portfolio as you learn. That way, when you leave our virtual classroom environment, you’re not left out in the cold. You’ll have skills and projects that you can put on a resume, that will help you get more job offers in your desired field.

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Computer Science Classes for Beginners

If you’ve never been introduced to computer science as a concept, Treehouse will help you start from the beginning. At first glance, it would be logical to think that computer science is simply “the science of working with computers.” However, it can be much more diverse than that.

For instance, take a look at the Academy-Award nominated film Hidden Figures. This film told the true story of Black women who were hired by NASA to perform complex mathematical calculations for space missions. Their job title was referred to as simply “Computers.” As you can see, computer science doesn’t necessarily have to reference the machine itself. Computers were a term long before the familiar machines were widely available.

A better definition for Computer Science would be “the study and design of algorithms, computations, and information systems, in both theory and practice, typically with the aid of computers.”

Computer science jobs have been around for a long time, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Now is the perfect time to develop the skills and find a job in computer science. With Treehouse, you can learn these in-demand skills and find how to apply them in the job market.

Even those with a full-time job typically have no trouble completing Treehouse courses. You can do just a little bit of work each day, find some time on the weekend, or whenever you feel like you have a minute to learn. Our courses teach you these skills efficiently and effectively. Even those with full-time responsibilities often find that they are able to complete our courses in as little as three months. That’s just three months to put yourself in a position to get a new career.

Our courses work as well as they do thanks to our amazing staff. Our teachers have extensive computer science knowledge, but they also know how to succeed in the computer science field. They build curriculums that will help you learn these skills on a level beyond just basic competence. With the help of our courses and our teachers, you’ll be able to apply your skills confidently.

You’ll also get exclusive access to our Slack channel. Our Slack channel lets you connect with a full, exciting community of students, teachers, and staff at Treehouse. You’ll get to talk with your peers about how things are going, problems you’re having trouble with, and more. This type of community is encouraging and will help you stick around longer to finish your courses.

Even after you complete your courses at Treehouse, many students return to refresh their skill set. Treehouse is always updating our courses to stay up to date with what’s hanging in the computer science world. Treehouse is here to help you at any and every stage of your computer science career.

Meet Your Built in Code Editor

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A fully browser-based code editor designed to make learning with Treehouse a breeze.

Using Workspaces

The built-in code editor will assist you with your markup. This will help you identify any potential issues as you practice your coding skills. This ensures you will pick up on any mistakes you make early on, which will help you to correct these mistakes and give you a good foundation from which to progress. This is just one of several available tools to help you be successful.

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    The Best Way to Master the Basics

    With Treehouse, you’ll master the basics of computer science quickly, and have the chance to start learning advanced concepts soon after. There is so much variety to computer science, that you’ll want to keep coming back to learn more. Computer Science is more than just "coding"; it's understanding algorithms, data structures, operating systems, networking, databases, programming languages, compilers, computer architecture, etc.

    These subjects are not mutually exclusive; in fact, there is significant overlap between them. The totality of these concepts is the foundation of software engineering, which goes beyond simply writing code or designing pretty websites. Becoming familiar with these concepts will shape your future as a complete computer scientist.

    The Treehouse learning hub gives you access to a wide variety of computer science tracks, allowing you to hone in and focus on which of these skills matter to you most. You’ll learn about computer science basics, algorithms, data structures, and more.

    With Treehouse, you’ll have access to a wide variety of learning tools that will help you make the most of these courses. Tools like interactive videos, workshops, exercises, challenges, and more will help drill these concepts home, while quizzes and review tools will help reinforce what you’ve learned.

    Treehouse is truly one of the most efficient ways to learn computer science. All it takes is 30 minutes a day and you can complete a course in no time. As you complete more courses, you’ll gain a wider and deeper skill set. If you’re interested in a career working in computer science, then Treehouse is the perfect place to start. Try browsing our course library to see what we have to offer.

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