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Learn CSS Programming Basics

Treehouse has online courses to help you learn and develop your skill in CSS programming. CSS, also known as Cascading Style Sheets, is the code that allows you to stylize web content. Often known as the presentation layer of web pages, CSS is used to control the way web content is displayed on computers, mobile devices and the printed page. With Treehouse’s help, you can start learning CSS right away.

With Treehouse, you get to learn CSS at your own speed. Web pages need to look great in order to stand out and display properly across devices. It’s an important skill for any web developer to have in their arsenal. Treehouse’s CSS courses teach you how to use these skills in the real-world.

Using Treehouse gives you access to self-paced learning tracks. You can start with beginner courses and get more advanced as you go. Or if you’re already well-versed in CSS programming, you can brush up on your skills and learn new ones.

Treehouse has many different CSS courses and tracks. With access to all of our courses, you get to customize how and when you learn. Whether you want to just focus on one or many skills, you can learn as much or as little as you want. As long as you can make some sort of time in your schedule, you can learn coding through Treehouse.

Joining our Javascript course gives you access to a library of content and resources. You get to do CSS workshops, challenges, exercises, practices, reviews, and more. Using Treehouse as your learning hub lets you build a portfolio of real work. One that you can present to potential employers when you’re in the process of applying.

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CSS Development Courses for Beginners

With CSS skills at your disposal, you’ll be able to control how HTML appears on web pages. You’ll learn to use stylesheets to change these elements in a variety of ways. CSS allows you to change colors, font sizes, backgrounds, layout and more. In addition to changing on-screen elements, CSS also allows you to adapt content to fit the screen of any device. CSS can help you program your web pages to fit screen sizes and resolution, no matter the device. If you’ve been to a web page on the Internet, you’ve likely interacted with CSS. In short, it’s an important language, and employers always love to see it as a skill on an application.

With Treehouse, you get what you need to develop your abilities and advance your career in CSS programming. With CSS programming in your skillset, you’ll be able to open yourself up to tons of opportunities in the developer field. And Treehouse can help you get there.

With Treehouse courses, you get to build your skill set in a highly efficient and intuitive manner. You learn the skills quickly, but you also learn the concepts on a deep level. No matter what level of developer you are, there’s a track that can benefit you. You can start as a beginner or you can take advanced courses right off the bat. You get to completely customize your learning experience.

In addition to customizing how you learn, you also get to choose when you learn. When you have full-time obligations, you know how difficult it is to make time for learning. With Treehouse, you can eliminate this concern. Our courses were built to be taken at any speed, at any pace. You can take your courses whenever you feel comfortable and whenever you’re ready to learn. Most of our students with full-time responsibilities are able to find the time to complete courses in as little as three months.

Treehouse also helps students find success with our teaching staff, who are experts in their field. Their knowledge and expertise in the industry allows them to create curriculums that actually challenge you and help you to learn the concepts. When you finish a Treehouse course, you’ll actually feel like you’ve learned the materials and understand how to apply them in real-life situations.

The Treehouse community adds an extra layer of support that is especially helpful in a self-paced learning environment. Utilizing our Slack channel allows you to connect with others who are taking courses, as well as with teachers and other staff members. Creating this community will help give you colleagues to bounce ideas and questions off of, but it will also provide you with a life-long industry network to connect with outside of Treehouse.

Treehouse is also perfect for those who need to renew their skillset. Since coding languages always update and change, Treehouse is a reliable resource that you can turn to when you need to catch yourself up with what’s new.

Meet Your Built in Code Editor

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A fully browser-based code editor designed to make learning with Treehouse a breeze.

Using Workspaces

The built-in code editor will assist you with your markup. This will help you identify any potential issues as you practice your coding skills. This ensures you will pick up on any mistakes you make early on, which will help you to correct these mistakes and give you a good foundation from which to progress. This is just one of several available tools to help you be successful.

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    Training Lessons in the Basics

    Treehouse is the best place to go when you’re needing to hammer down the basics of CSS. There are a number of courses available that teach various skills. With our CSS courses, you’ll learn concepts like enhancing web page design, learning the box model, learning how to perform media queries, learning how to adapt pages for mobile layout, and much more. Every beginner and advanced concept is available for you to train on. Treehouse gives you every resource you need to fully understand the concepts you’ll be learning. With practice modules, full interactive workshops, and interactive videos, you’ll be able to expedite your knowledge of CSS and start applying it to your real-world projects.

    Each track has an individual skill where you can get a full and deep understanding of that specific area of CSS. With access to a learning map and curriculum, you’ll be able to plan out your approach and see how the course helps you to master the skills you need to know.

    Other resources like quizzes and review tools help you internalize everything until you’re confident with the material. You’ll have everything you need to be able to use CSS outside of your learning environment and find how you can apply them when you land a job in programming.

    All it takes with Treehouse is a 30 minute time commitment every day. With the tools we provide, you can learn at your own pace and success in programming. If you’re ready to start your career in coding or add more skills to your toolbelt, let Treehouse help you do it.

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