Coda Resources

By Guil Hernandez

Next Steps – Learning with Coda

In this Treehouse workshop, you'll learn how to use Coda as a tool for learning, note-taking, time management, and more by customizing a workbook doc we've built in Coda to best fit your learning needs.

Treehouse | Intro to Coda Doc

An overview of what Coda is, how it's used, and where to go to learn more.

Coda Learn Doc

Dive deeper into Coda's building blocks to create innovative solutions that fit your learning and professional needs.

Coda Help

Get advice and answers from the Coda team.

Coda Community

Learn about what people are making with Coda, provide feedback, and share your work!

Coda Blog

Helpful articles from the Coda team and maker community; learn about new features before they launch.

Coda Formulas

We didn't cover Coda formulas in this workshop–you'll learn about them in the Learning with Coda workshop. Get a preview of best practices and core concepts needed to get started with Coda's formula language.