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Learn Like an Expert

By Dave McFarland

Deliberate Learning Process

Identify your learning weaknesses

  1. What are the main concepts/ideas/facts I just learned? This act of recall helps your memory get stronger.
  2. Can you explain those concepts in your own words? Write this down in a journal, in a document, or even in a Treehouse workspace
  3. Can you relate those concepts to things you already know? Compare and contrast with similar concepts you already know: how are they similar or different? This adds meaning to what you've learned based on things you already understand.

Work on those weaknesses

  1. Put what you just learned into action. Try to write code similar to what you just learned, or build something new based on the concepts you're trying to grasp. Check out our Library of Practice material to see if there's a practice session that matches what you're trying to master.
  2. Re-watch or redo with purpose. Think about the three questions under the Identify your learning weaknesses section above as you re-watch the material. Be deliberate in trying to answer those questions — even stop the video to take notes.
  3. Supplement what you learned with another source. Use links to resources in the teacher's notes, reference sites for the language you're learning, or just Google to find out more. Sometimes it just takes a slightly different explanation to understand a challenging concept.
  4. Look to our Treehouse community
  5. Don't give up! The best learning isn't easy — the more you work at it, the better and more deeply you learn.