Zac Mazza

Zac Mazza

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IT Infrastructure Operations Manager for a large cellular carrier by day. Just finished my Master's in Computer Information Systems and am looking to further my knowledge through training and practical application.


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  • What a Beautiful Vue!
  • Introducing Vue
  • Stateful Components
  • Introducing Props
  • Thinking in Components
  • First Steps in React
  • Services in Angular
  • Angular Components
  • Getting to Know Bootstrap 4
  • Thinking in Components
  • First Steps in React
  • Setting up with Create React App
  • Callbacks and the DOM
  • Callbacks with Timers
  • Introduction to Callback Functions
  • Getters and Setters
  • Working with Classes in JavaScript
  • Object Basics
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript
  • Controlling Layout with CSS Display Modes
  • Getting Started with CSS Layout
  • Adding and Removing Names
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Adding Power to Functions
  • Functions in Swift
  • Control Flow With Conditional Statements
  • Control Flow With Loops
  • Dictionaries in Swift
  • Introduction to Collections
  • Swift Operators
  • Swift Types
  • An Introduction to Swift Programming
  • Modeling, Storing, and Presenting Data with Spring
  • Creating Spring Controllers and Thymeleaf Views
  • Spring Components and Configuring Our App
  • Setting Up Your Local Environment for Spring Development
  • Writing Your Own Java Annotation
  • Using Java's Built-In Annotations
  • What to Test
  • How To Test
  • Why Test
  • Setting Up an Angular Application
  • Finishing the Game
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Exploring the Java Collections Framework
  • Organizing Data
  • Getting There
  • Gotchas and Wins
  • Iteration
  • Creation
  • Delivering the MVP
  • Creating the MVP
  • Harnessing the Power of Objects
  • Meet Objects
  • Perfecting the Prototype
  • Using your New Tools
  • Getting Started with Java
  • Logic in Python
  • Python Data Types
  • Python For Beginners
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Perfect
  • Perform
  • Console I/O
  • Prepare and Plan
  • PHP on the Web
  • Newbie