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  • Creating Flexible Objects Using Protocols
  • Protocol Basics
  • Error Handling
  • Dynamic Keys and Inheritance
  • Parsing Different JSON Structures
  • Parsing to Non-Primitive Types
  • An Overview of Codable
  • Generic Types
  • Authorization with Third Party Libraries
  • Generic Functions, Parameters and Constraints
  • Downloading Album Artwork
  • Requesting Real Data
  • Enhancing the iTunes Endpoint
  • URLs and Parameter Encoding
  • Building the User Interface
  • Modeling iTunes Search Results
  • Decoupling the Data Source
  • Sorting Contacts Into Sections
  • Static Table Views for Detail Interfaces
  • Displaying Contact Data
  • A High Level Overview
  • Dark Sky API Client
  • Downloading JSON Data Asynchronously
  • Fetching Data From the Web
  • Modeling Forecast Data
  • Newbie