Yun Yin Ku

Yun Yin Ku

Member Since June 16, 2016

I like everything about tech and gadget, am looking forward to hope I can make something awesome, innovative and will make people say "wow" to my inventions or ideas,


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  • Spoken Languages

    • Cantonese
    • English
    • Bahasa Indonesia (but not that good)
    • Mandarin
  • Looking for work


20 Achievements

  • What is Wireframing?
  • Telling the Story
  • Dictionaries in Swift
  • Designing for Your User’s "To-be"
  • Introduction to Collections
  • Understanding your User’s “As-is” Scenario
  • Becoming Acquainted with Your User
  • Becoming a Design Thinker
  • Swift Operators
  • Swift Types
  • An Introduction to Swift Programming
  • Perfecting the Prototype
  • Using your New Tools
  • Getting Started with Java
  • Types
  • Variables and Constants
  • The Internet
  • Computer Basics
  • Computer Languages
  • Newbie