Paula Mourad

Paula Mourad


I'm a Multimedia Graphic Designer. I have knowledge in editorial, multimedia and digital design, as well as motion graphics. I know a little 3D and music production. I want to learn more about coding and front-end development.


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  • The Browser Environment
  • What Is WordPress?
  • Building Forms with Bootstrap
  • Using Bootstrap Components
  • Responsive Layouts with the Bootstrap Grid
  • Getting to Know Bootstrap 4
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Loops
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Conditional Statements
  • JavaScript Numbers
  • JavaScript Variables
  • Introducing JavaScript
  • Advanced Selectors
  • Going Further with Attribute Selectors and Pseudo-Classes
  • Selectors - Beyond the Basics
  • Structuring Tables
  • Art Direction with the Picture Element
  • Image Delivery with Srcset and Sizes
  • Positioning Page Content
  • CSS Layout Project
  • Page Layout with the Float Property
  • Controlling Layout with CSS Display Modes
  • Getting Started with CSS Layout
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Designing with the Latest Features
  • Basic Layout
  • The Box Model
  • Understanding Values and Units
  • Basic Selectors
  • Getting Started with CSS
  • Choosing Options
  • Organizing Forms
  • Form Basics
  • Debugging HTML and CSS Problems
  • Sharing a Website
  • Responsive Web Design and Testing
  • Table Basics
  • Going Mobile
  • Coding HTML Email
  • HTML Email Basics
  • Adding Pages to a Website
  • Styling Web Pages and Navigation
  • Customizing Colors and Fonts
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Creating HTML Content
  • HTML First
  • Basics
  • Beginning HTML and CSS
  • Newbie