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Bella Bradbury

Maumee, Ohio

Bella Bradbury

From Mermaid to Web Developer

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Hello! I'm Bella Bradbury (she/her), a Treehouse graduate turned Slack Moderator for current Treehouse students. I spent my childhood in Michigan and my high school years in Ohio, where I earned my Honors Diploma and Music Certificate from Toledo School for the Arts in 2017. After graduating, I traveled across the country before moving back to Ohio to be closer to my family. Recently, I achieved the Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, and Front End Web Development Techdegrees from Treehouse. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the fundamentals and advanced concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When I'm not working as a Web Developer, you'll most likely find me on stage or set, pursuing my passion as an Actress.

What drew me to tech

As a child, I considered a career in web development to be as impossible as my other dream job of becoming a Mermaid. Surprisingly, I realized my dream of becoming a Mermaid in 2015 and have had the opportunity to portray one several times since then! On the other hand, I only started pursuing web development in early 2022.

I initially embarked on this coding journey out of curiosity and was immediately captivated.

Coding, being a complex puzzle, has appealed to my avid interest, and it complements my career as a performer perfectly. Having a reliable, flexible, and remote position is more than any performer could ask for. Moreover, coding enhances my problem-solving and analytical skills, which prove valuable in both fields.

What encouraged me to learn with Treehouse

When I decided to learn web development, I opted to start with an online bootcamp. I wanted to gauge my interest in coding without committing to a university program. After conducting research, I chose Treehouse as my learning platform.

I found Treehouse to have a more engaging and supportive environment compared to other online programs.

I can personally attest to the incredible community at Treehouse, which continues to make a lasting impact even after graduation. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide the same level of support to current students as a Slack Moderator.

How my career evolved since learning with Treehouse

Towards the end of the Web Development Techdegree, I reflected on how I wanted to utilize my newfound knowledge. I realized that many of my favorite experiences in the program involved interacting with my peers. By completing nearly fifty peer reviews and assisting students in units I had already completed, I not only helped others but also strengthened my own understanding by teaching concepts and analyzing and debugging others' code.

I reached out to the Student Success Specialists, who had been instrumental in my journey, expressing my desire to continue these activities officially. Fortunately, the opportunity aligned, and I transitioned into my current role as a Slack Moderator immediately after completing my first Techdegree.

What my future holds

The future is uncertain, but I aspire to expand my coding knowledge and contribute to making development more accessible. Ultimately, your mindset determines your success in learning to code. Just as I believed in myself to become a Mermaid through acting, I became a Developer for the same reason. I firmly believe that anyone can learn to code as long as they approach the unknown with excitement!

Don't hesitate to pursue your dreams, no matter how fantastical they may seem.

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Are you ready to start learning?

Learning with Treehouse for only 30 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to land the job that you've been dreaming about.

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