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Zacharie McGee

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Zacharie McGee

What began as a simple curiosity for Zacharie McGee led to a Front End Web Development Techdegree and high hopes for a future in web development.

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My name is Zacharie McGee, and I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I bounced around homes all across the US and eventually settled in Southern California. After graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, tech began to pique my interest. I started teaching myself 3D design and animation using Blender coupled with beginner blueprinting with Unreal Engine 4.

What began as a simple curiosity led me to want to learn how to code and do it full-time as a career. Upon doing research, I landed on front-end web development, as it also allowed me to exercise my creativity.

I found Treehouse while researching the most efficient way to jumpstart my programming venture.

I started and completed my Front End Web Development Techdegree between February and June 2022. I saw Treehouse as the best fit for my needs at the time, because the program allows you to work at your own pace while still providing access to a community of like-minded students and professionals.

Treehouse offers an exceptional number of tools and resources that allow you to become successful in virtually any realm of programming before, during, and after your time in the program. Treehouse keeps you organized, motivated, and eager to keep learning.

I feel very optimistic about my potential moving forward, especially in this realm of tech.

I am currently searching for a front-end web development position, and I have high hopes. I am practicing daily, continuously developing my skills, and constantly learning new tech in order to stand out in this job market. I’m excited to begin my career journey in tech and look forward to future opportunities.

As for programming languages, I’ve learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a small variety of related frameworks/libraries. I’ve appreciated the front-end realm of web development, since it focuses more on design, with a helping hand in interaction, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Moving on, I’d like to not only master these but to learn some backend languages (perhaps starting with PHP). I’d also like to eventually take up C++ and begin game development on the side.

Throughout my life, I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving and learning new things. I have had many hobbies throughout the years, and I know there are plenty more to come. From a range of sports like track and field to ping pong, weight lifting and competition, airsoft and paintball, board and video games, drawing and illustrating, building computers, and now software engineering.

I realize the tech industry is a great fit for me, as it is ever-evolving and there’s always more to learn.

The advice I would give a Treehouse student is to make sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can trust yourself to perpetually learn.

The best programmers are the ones that write a little every single day.

Tech continues to develop at a rapid rate, so look forward to continuing your learning journey and be ready to adapt to change. Once you start, you can really only ever improve and grow your tech stack. The more you improve and the more you build and contribute, the higher the chance someone will take notice.

Beyond that, stay hydrated and exercise. Everyone knows programmers work long hours in front of the screen, so try and be diligent in maintaining your physical and mental fitness!

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