5 hours Track

Beginning Security

Keeping yourself, your users, and your data safe is important no matter what language or technology you use. Understanding what kinds of attacks exist and how to mitigate or prevent them will give you more control and peace of mind.

In this Track we'll explore how to first keep yourself safe with some basic security literacy, then review some common vulnerabilities and things to protect regarding data, users, and applications.

We'll start out with some basics on how the Internet works, and explore some common threats and how to protect ourselves against them. We'll also learn about encryption and how Internet traffic works.

Next, you'll take our Introduction to Data Security course, which covers basic hashing, encryption, storing passwords, and more.

In the next part of the Track, we'll cover the importance of protecting your web apps and how to implement TLS for your apps. We'll also cover how and when to patch vulnerabilities in your apps, who to trust when implementing new 3rd-party integrations, how to use automatic tools to secure your site, and what kinds of data storage precautions you might have to be aware of for your given industry.

The final course in this Track is our OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities course. The OWASP Top 10 is a trusted knowledge framework covering the top 10 major web security vulnerabilities, as well as providing information on how to mitigate them. We'll explore each vulnerability in general and in the scope of how they occur in JavaScript and Node.js.

Ready to establish a foundation in the exciting field of online security? Let's go!