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Treehouse Tracks are guided curriculums that cover all relevant Courses and Workshops necessary to master a subject. Treehouse’s learning library includes dozens of Tracks on a variety of topics including web design, programming, and more. With Compass, you’ll also be able to test out of subjects you already know, and create a custom curriculum for your learning goals.

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18 hours Track

Exploring Flask with Peewee

Want to turn your Python programs into web sites and apps? Flask is the little framework that can. With a low barrier to entry, tons of handy packages, and a fast start up, Flask is the go to web framework for many Python developers.

By the end of the track, you'll know the basics of Python, how to install and start using Flask, how to use a database with Python and your Flask app, and more.

We'll begin with some courses in Python fundamentals, including material on Python tuples, sequences, dictionaries, functions, and packing and unpacking. These courses will get you up to speed on the Python language before diving into Flask.

Next, we'll cover front end development basics, like HTML, CSS, and HTTP.

Then, you'll dive full-on into Flask with our Flask Basics course. We'll cover the basics of Git and of using databases in Python, as well.

The next course will have you build a simple social network using Flask. We'll have user registration, user authentication, strongly hashed passwords, form validation, and more.

Finally, we'll walk through REST API basics and building a REST API with Flask using Flask-RESTFul, Flask-Limiter, and Flask-HTTPAuth.

Ready to learn this web framework and start building apps and websites with Python? Let's begin!