8 hours Track

Learn React

React is a JavaScript library developed at Facebook for building user interfaces. This Track will give you a solid foundation for working with React.

React allows you to describe how your app should be displayed in an easy to understand way. It also helps eliminate the complexity that comes with updating your DOM elements when users interact with your application. React will change the way you think about building web applications!

Before enrolling in this Track, we recommend the courses JavaScript Loops, Arrays, and Objects, and Object-Oriented JavaScript as prerequisites.

We'll begin with an introductory course on React, where you'll learn about components, props, state, and a few other foundational things. Next, you'll level-up your React skills by gaining a better understanding of class vs. functional components, state and lifecycle methods, and how to split your UI into reusable and composable components.

The next part of the Track will walk you through how to use the Create React App, and then we'll learn how to use the React Context API. Then, our React Router 4 Basics course will teach you to use React Router v4, a declarative routing solution for React, to manage navigation and rendering of components in your applications.

Finally, we'll put all this knowledge to use with instruction on data fetching, React Hooks, and deploying a React app. Ready to get started working with React? Let's get started!

  • An entry-level salary for the technologies covered in this track is about $90,000 / yr on average.

  • Some companies that use these technologies regularly include: Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook, Home Depot, IBM Design