5 hours Track

STEM Learning - for Kids!

This 5-hour Track is built for kids or teens to learn the basics of computer science and technology. Nowadays, STEM education is critical to a young student's learning. This course allows parents to introduce their children (ages 10+) to all of the fundamental concepts in technology.

This Track combines a variety of our most all-ages-friendly material, starting out with our Computer Basics course. Next, your kid will take our How the Internet Works and How the Web Works courses and get a solid foundation in that realm.

Next, we'll cover roles in the tech industry and a basic overview of what a front end web developer does.

Our HTML and CSS...for Kids! series is next, with a collection of livestream recordings created by Treehouse instructor Anwar and his kiddo Amina. Code along with their lessons and pick up the basics, as well as some tips and tricks.

The JavaScript and Algorithm videos serve as a jumping-off point for development languages that any technology-minded student wants to explore. Finally, your kid will take our awesome How To Learn course (a Treehouse favorite for pretty much any age or background).

This structured curriculum is completely online and beginner-friendly. Join us!