32 hours Track

Web Programming Skills for Graphic Designers

We created this Track for designers who want to level up their skill set, but are not quite sure how—everything you'll need is right here!

Designers across all industries are learning that understanding design programs like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign alone aren't enough to grow their career. Commonly, modern design positions require at least a basic knowledge of web design and programming. In this track, we cover the basics of the most common Front End Web Development languages, User Experience Design, and more.

You'll start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics, to build a sturdy foundation for web and email design. Next, you'll jump to our UX Basics and Creating User Experiences courses to expand your UX knowledge.

Next, you'll dive into some practical design and UX skills. Our Wireframing, Figma, prototyping, typography, and SVG courses will empower you to start designing beautiful websites and apps with confidence. This Track will wrap up with a closer look at some responsive CSS principles.

Whether you're on the job hunt and want to freshen up your resume, or you'd like to grow in your current design role, this Track is the perfect combo of courses for ambitious designers.